Write Your Vision

In order to succeed, parents must confidently launch ‘the business’ of home education with a written vision for their children.  Your written vision will be prayerfully developed over the years, just be certain you write something now...to get you focused on your purpose.

Your vision of what you desire for your graduating high school students will inspire you to action, hold you steady in challenging times, help you pick the appropriate curriculum, and encourage you to implement goals and strategies to get you to the desired end. 

The vision you write should address their relationship with the Lord Jesus and the necessary character traits and personal habits for successful adulthood, along with literary, mathematical, and financial skills.  As a parent, it is your job to help your children become mature, godly adults with a clear understanding of what God is preparing them to do.

With a  mental ‘picture of the person’ you’re hoping to raise, it will be easier to select the tools needed to get there.  And, how will you know if you've reached your destination if you don't know where you're going? 

Go ahead; jot down a few sentences right now!


           “If you’re not willing to take the first step, you won’t take the second.”                                                                                                                   Zig Ziglar