The only way to learn patience is to exercise patience.   

Also helpful are parenting skills which create a smooth running home...a home where frustration and anger are avoided.  

Childhood events which trigger fear: a difficult birth, early hospitalization, parental loss from death or divorce, parental anger, neglect, or abuse can also trigger learning problems.  The good news is that with a heathly balance between structure and nurture, the effects of fear can be fixed.


In additional to Park Day discussions and Gazette articles, our online Book Club allows parents to connect by video or voice as we discuss The Connected Child by Dr. Purvis and Dr. Cross.

SCCA families learn, discuss, and practice ways to improve relationships with their children and extended family members.

Just as the Dog Whisperer helps pet owners fix their dog's behavior by training the owners, these methods help parents maximize their children's potential by improving parenting skills.

SCCA Leadership is following the Trust-Based Parenting methods taught by Dr. Karyn Purvis and Dr. David Cross.